Tisiloama Children's Home, Greenpoint, Republic of South Africa

We are now partnering with the Tisiloama Children's Home in the Greenpoint area of Kimberley, South Africa. This is a great undertaking initiated by Lucas Tisiloama, who was raised in Greenpoint, moved out, succeeded in business and life, but then found himself called back, with his wife and children, to help those who have not yet made it. And there are plenty in Greenpoint. Lucas has organized a children's center which safely houses over 30 children in an incredibly small space (perhaps 250 square feet, with seven foot ceilings), and provides them with food, shelter and a safe environment in which to seek their potential. Those kids are sent to school, inoculated, fed and clothed. In addition, Lucas reaches out to other families in the community, providing cooking fuel (the alternative is paraffin, which leads invariably to horrific fires in the tin roofed homes), infant supplies, mosquito netting, food, drinking water and more. He was recognized this year with the Northern Cape Community Builder of the Year award for his service to Greenpoint.


Lucas Tisiloama:

Rescued child, recovering from cigarette burns:

Ardith and Lucas in front of the Tisiloama Children's Home:

Lunchtime outside the Tisiloama Children's Home, Greenpoint, RSA:

Some of Lucas' kids after lunch:

Lucas with some of the children at our 2009 concert:

Yvonne and Lucas at the outreach concert: