About Us

Founders: Ardith and Andrew Blumenthal


Covenant Children. Inc. was founded in 2005 by Ardith and Andrew Blumenthal.

Ardith, a former business woman and CEO and Andrew, a practicing New York attorney, formed Covenant Children, Inc. as a 501 (c) (3) charity with tax exempt status. Its mission is to provide safety, shelter, water, food, basic healthcare and education for at-risk children and adults around the world, though its current operations focus on reducing the risks faced by orphans and other exposed children. Covenant Children, Inc. doesn't believe that simply sending food to these regions is the answer: governments are far better able to mount massive welfare programs. Rather, Covenant Children, Inc. believes that it is critical to create self sustaining outcomes; that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse that the affected children experience. To this end, Covenant Children, Inc. recognizes that children must first be healthy and nourished to benefit from education, but, food and healthcare is an interim means to bringing children from at-risk to contributors to change. Ardith and Andy have traveled extensively, including Kenya, Haiti, Tanzania, South Africa and the Middle East, exploring the plight of children and establishing relationships with government officials, educators and front line providers of child care in these regions. Covenant Children now provides critically needed safety measures, food supply, shelter, water, medical care and education to children directly affected by poverty, political instability and disease.

Covenant Children, Inc. was granted charity status in the USA and is forming affiliated corporations, qualified as NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in South Africa and Kenya. Ardith and Andy began their work in Kenya through Covenant Children's Campaign for Change™ and soon expanded to South Africa, Haiti and Israel. Several aspects of life held in common in each of these countries are: unequal division of wealth, political instability and violence. Orphans and children living on the edge are most affected and most powerless when natural or political disasters occur. With the support of our donors, Covenant Children, Inc.'s programs have made a substantive difference in the lives of children and staff and we are deeply grateful to be part of positive change in these precious lives. Wherever possible we forge alliances and partnerships with existing programs. In this way we limit the dollars usually required for the development of infrastructure and maximize dollars being placed directly toward on the ground programs.

Hardships continue to abound at our orphanages and rescue centers in Kenya and South Africa. Many times the children are eating only one meal a day because unexpected medical needs devour the food budget. Food costs are soaring, compounding already dangerous conditions and women and children often find themselves at the bottom of the supply chain.

In August, 2008, Instruments of Change® launched its first music academy in Kimberley, South Africa. More than 150 children experienced the event of a lifetime by receiving a donated musical instrument and learning to read and play music. A volunteer staff of professional musicians from the USA brought sheer joy to the faces of these children. A measure of the impact of this nascent program's impact is that over 1,500 community members attended the recital that culminated the academy's first effort and hundreds more attended our outreach programs conducted in the surrounding towns afterwards. We expanded our children's rescue center in Kenya through the purchase of land. In 2009 we will be building new facilities on the property. The feeding program has expanded to Archer's Post in the northern tribal region and, in 2010, will include the Somali refugee children streaming into Iseola.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of international business people as well as international educators. In addition to direct contributions, grants, and sponsor donations, Covenant Children also has an international effort called Campaign for Changetm designed to engage volunteers and raise public awareness.

Our Instruments of Change® initiative provides musical instruments, music outreach programs, conducts music camps, and provides music workshops and scholarships for children who otherwise have no opportunity to learn music.