Instruments of Change Music Academy, Kimberley, Republic of South Africa


2008 Initiative:

Introductory assembly:

Drums were always a favorite:

But so was trumpet (with Mike Steinel):

At our first concert (Beverly Hoch, Mike Steinel, Susan Shisler and Yvonne Emory):


2009 Initiative:

The team: Susan Shisler; Yvonne Emory; Mike Lyons; Becky Machen; Ardith Grandbouche; and Vern Miller

Here's what the team carried to Kimberley, South Africa:

Unpacking the instruments:

Guitar Class with three of the mentors and instructor Susan Shisler:

One of our outdoor sessions (led by a local mentor):

Rehearsing for the concert:

Mike's Trumpet Class performs:

Performances also included "Rhythm and Movement:"