Instruments of Change� in Florida

Covenant Children, Inc. has met Instruments of Change, Inc. a Florida corporation that shares our goals of bringing music appreciation and teaching to underserved and at risk children. Their efforts are presently centered near Tampa, but Instruments of Change�, Inc. aspires to extend its reach throughout Florida and, ultimately the rest of the US. They have collected a significant number of musical instruments (including 5 pianos!) and distributed them among homeless shelters, halfway houses and similar initiatives throughout the region. Founded by two musicians who have "given up their day jobs" to devote themselves full time to this endeavor, they and several volunteers are offering music instruction and appreciation classes to those in the shelters, orphanages and half way houses. Covenant Children, Inc. is collaborating with them to find a way to work together to benefit the many at risk children in the US as a complement to Covenant Children, Inc.'s efforts overseas. While we are in the initial stages of forming a partnership, Covenant Children, Inc. is permitting the use of its trademark (Instruments of Change�) on their website: and we urge you to visit it.