Instruments of Change®

Teaches leadership and life skills and brings professional musical instruction, music instruments and music enrichment to disadvantaged communities in the United States, Africa and Haiti.

Music, singing and movement is an innate part of culture but few among the poor have the skill to read music or the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument or sight read songs. Many opportunities will be afforded those who have the skill to convert their musical abilities to educational or commercial applications.

Covenant Children, Inc. offers you a chance to change a child's life through supporting an Instruments of Change® program.

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1. Music Camp 2008:

One hundred fifty five children, ranging in age from 10-18 and coming from 15 local schools, attended the Instruments of Change® Music Camp in Kimberley South Africa. They were joined by about a dozen local adults who are serving as music mentors for the Kimberley Instruments of Change® Music Academy sponsored in conjunction with local churches and businesses. Even though the children registered in advance an additional unregistered hundred children were turned away because of space and instrument limitations. The camp concluded with a "concert" attended by all the children and some 1,500 parents and community members. Click here see a video of the drum recital, one of several performances put on by the children as the culmination of the music camp.

2. The Instruments of Change® Music Academy

The Instruments of Change® Music Academy Kimberley SA, was launched in August of 2008 and the Academy building itself is now under construction. The Academy, when completed, will house musical instruments, offer alternative activity within the community, provide music instruction and mentors, contain a music resource library and a recording studio. As a regional teaching center it will provide learning opportunities for children throughout rural and impoverished areas of South Africa as well as to the immediate area of Kimberley.

The Instruments of Change® Music Academy offers programs to communities, schools and churches throughout South Africa.

3. Music Outreach:

Equipping schools, churches and communities with music basics, music mentors and musical instruments. Hosting a music camp is a big undertaking and those who host must apply and be approved through the CCI office.

5. Music Mentors Workshop:

Equipping Musicians to mentor others through teaching instruments and voice as well as through leadership and life skill training.

6. Music Scholarships:

Offers qualified applicants admission to music camps, a music academy, or other music program.

Full year sponsorships begin at $35 per month per child for music camp, and includes use of a musical instrument and meals during camp.

We accept donations of new and used musical instruments and supplies, as well as credit cards, checks and cash. All donations are tax deductible.