Iseola, Kenya Somali Refugee Initiative

In Kenya's north, populated primarily by nomadic and tribal people, children, especially girls, truly are the very least important. Poverty, ignorance, witchcraft and polygamy are all factors contributing to the horrors faced by thousands of homeless children.

Barely surviving and living in one of Kenya's most unstable communities, the children of Iseola are destitute beyond the point of hope.

Somali refugees crowd into this already impoverished town adding to the religious and tribal tensions that constantly simmer and regularly boil over.

The Nomadic Pioneers of Hope was founded by four Somali refugees with a burning need to rescue the street children they see every day. Campaign for Change´┐Ż will help them build a feeding center, sleeping quarters and, eventually, a school. Because street children have no address, they are ineligible for the public education offered by the Kenyan government, so Pioneers of Hope must step in to break the cycle of ignorance and poverty.