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In Port-au-Prince, the January 2010 earthquake destroyed the city's nursing school and killed 99 of the 100 student graduating class. Nursing, particularly in a technologically deprived countries like Haiti is the true interface where the patient meets healthcare and these nurses were critical to Haiti's recovery and now they're gone and their school, where their replacements could be trained, is gone too. Contribute to the building fund or to a scholarship program to educate these victims' successors.

$1,000,000 to rebuild the school.

We have identified several locations that are available for construction of a new nursing school and are in the process of discussing with relevant authorities the requirements for accreditation of this replacement of the earthquake destroyed school. Contributions will be held in escrow pending approval from the Haitian government.

It costs about $60,000 for each teacher or staff through the first two year program. Along with the students, of course, most of their instructors perished. In order for the nursing school to be established, Covenant Children, Inc. will work with the Haitian government to recruit and retain qualified and certified instructors for the program. The government's first priority, of course, is to remove unsafe structures (the country is covered with them) and to rebuild homes for the estimated 1,500,000 internally displaced persons living in tents and corrugated shacks throughout the countryside) while trying to maintain minimum food, water and healthcare standards for its citizens. Contributions will be held in escrow pending approval from the Haitian government.

$15,000 per student per year will provide tuition, books and school supplies for a nursing student.

Instruments of Change®

Covenant Children's music initiative, Instruments of Change® traveled to Haiti in May with a view toward reinvigorating Haiti's music program, to offer hope to the population and determine the best way to bring musical instruments and instruction to an island where virtually everything had been destroyed. The plan was to bring a few donated instruments (we brought two guitars, an auto-harp and a melodica) and to evaluate how a music camp along the lines of the South African initiatives could benefit the area. To this end, Instruments of Change® has agreed to provide musical instruments and is in the process of organizing a combined music camp and concert to coincide not with the January, 2011 anniversary of the quake, but rather with the January 1 celebration of the independence of Haiti, and to help symbolize its rebirth. Covenant Children, Inc. will provide the teaching and concert and is presently assessing the logistics of the project: accommodations, classrooms, transportation and delivery of the instruments.

What we also found there was a vacant building that would be ideal for a music academy to serve the region. [MIKE: MAYBE HERE YOU COULD LINK TO THAT PAGE?] Here are the donation opportunities that could change the future of Haiti:

$450,000 allows naming of the Center Instruments of Change® (e.g., "The James R. Smythe" Instruments of Change® Music Center and Academy

$35,000 allows naming a classroom

$25,000 allows naming the courtyard and pavilion

$10,000 engraves a name of choice as an "Instrument of Change" on a plaque placed at the entrance of the building

$5,000 donors named as partners on all published materials used for programs and events.


Sanitation is a continuing concern for our children in Kenya. We have piped in water now but still no flush toilets or running water. All water is collected in a tank and buckets of water are removed and heated for bathing, laundry and cooking.

$25,000 - Showers and Bathrooms for St. Paul's in Kenya

Current corrugated metal construction provides a common room with attached boys and girls sleeping rooms. This structure is too small, magnifies both heat and cold and is by it's design not secure.

$50,000 - Donate a Boys or Girls Dormitory for St. Paul's in Kenya.

The Children at the Tsiloana Children's Home presently sleep in the colorfully painted corrugated metal house with Lucas and Gloria Tsiloana. The problem into the unheated, non-insulated structure. You can provide suitable sleeping quarters with your donation.

$50,000 - Dormitory for the Tsiloana Children's Home in South Africa.


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