Instruments of Change Outreach, RSA

Roodepan, Homevale and Koffifontaine

Covenant Children, Inc. has initiated outreach programs for at risk children in these three outlying communities around Kimberley, RSA. Begun with a brief visit to Koffifontaine in 2008, Covenant Children, Inc. expanded in 2009 to bring musicians and musical instruments to several communities, providing instruction, musical instruments and performances to local schools and community centers. The goal of these initiatives, which will expand in 2010 to include areas in and around Cape Town, is to educate local mentors in introducing life and leadership skills to the children of these communities through music and performance instruction. The program has so far reached over 300 children and provided them with musical instruments, sheet music, music instruction (although musical, none of the children or mentors could read music when we arrived), leadership skills and mentoring. The programs succeeded in introducing the children to alternatives to a life on the streets where the only activities are drugs, crime and hopelessness.

And, we made a lot of friends: